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  1. AJAT

    Edmonds School District

    Try taking a look at these frequencies. Put them in your scanner and see if anything comes up. The data base also shows 155.20500 analog for buses. Sorry I don’t...
  2. AJAT

    Westchester Co PD now P-25

    Just for future FYI we call it “looking it up in the data base” not “investigating an agency.” So kindly don’t do it again. Just for future FYI, there should be a period between “time” and “I”. So Kindly don’t do that again. Just for future FYI, lighten up it is a hobby forum.
  3. AJAT

    Amateur radio and out-of-band transmit in the news

    “ They also jumped in to help the Peninsula Fire Department troubleshoot their problems when the main firehouse radio failed, along with repeater issues.” Too bad they did not have a mmckenna in charge of their radio system. If they did they would not have to rely on AMATEUR radio operators to...
  4. AJAT

    Ham radio vs. Medical Equipment and HOA

    “ Is the word "COULD" admissible in court as proof?” It could be
  5. AJAT

    Ham radio vs. Medical Equipment and HOA

    How about this, turn pump on, ham transmits, see if pump malfunctions. Sounds easy to figure out if it is the ham or not.
  6. AJAT

    HP-2: Home Patrol 2- Puzzled

    Which site are you trying to listen too? A lot of them on that system are simulcast. That could be your problem.
  7. AJAT

    Personal Scanning Histories - How did you get into it and what was 'your first'?

    My father showing me how to tune the local PD on a Patrolman 5 got me started.
  8. AJAT

    New Fairfield/Danbury scanner

    I am looking to purchase a scanner for my father in New Fairfield. Just looking for something simple he can turn on and listen to local PD and fire. I am going to program it and send it to him programmed. Before I do I just want to get some local knowledge. I want to get the BC125at. The systems...
  9. AJAT

    Amateur radio and out-of-band transmit in the news

    If you press the PTT button on a non certified radio for public safety a death ray gets sent out and zaps everyone in site. At the time of the major fire burning, and the “inconvenience” of not having good comms the fire chief reached out to “amateur” radio operators to help and this was the...
  10. AJAT

    Ham radio operator saves life with cell phone

    Next to all our thousands of dollars in ham equipment always make sure you have a cell phone just in case of emergencies. 😁 VIDEO: Ham Radio User Saves Friend's Life from 500 Miles Away
  11. AJAT

    Digital Mode Upgrades

    I am sure Uniden marketing strategist are happy you explained to them price point. I am sure no one in Uniden ever heard of this before. Not while getting their business degree or during the years of experience they had in pricing goods. They been in business since 1966. I am sure that is taken...
  12. AJAT

    Digital Mode Upgrades

    Let’s take a vote and set the price. I say $5.00. No one buy an upgrade until Uniden sets the price to $5.00. While we are at it stop buying those expensive SDS scanners until Uniden sells them for $50.00. After all we the consumers set the price.
  13. AJAT

    Signal to noise ratio

    I just ordered the analyzer from Amazon. It will be fun to play with. Also found an older one at work in someone’s office. I going to see if it works and if I can take it home for a day or two to compare the two. A little over due for a calibration. It expired in 2012🤣
  14. AJAT

    Signal to noise ratio

    Would something like this work good enough for hobby work? @mmckenna Happy Coast Guard Day. Coast Guard is 231 years old today...
  15. AJAT

    Signal to noise ratio

    I am experimenting with my mobile HF installation. What I want to do is try to reduce the signal to noise ratio (SNR). So what would be the best way to measure the SNR without using expensive professional equipment? Can I just turn down the squelch and see what my S-meter is reading? Would just...
  16. AJAT

    Free Users - Turn off your ad blockers

    Why did you try to back out you missed out on a brand new iPhone. 😉
  17. AJAT

    Digital Mode Upgrades If you don’t want to believe that Uniden did extensive research on how to price their products and think they just said “hey Bob how does $60.00 sound? Sounds good Fred I will...
  18. AJAT

    Digital Mode Upgrades

    Consumers are one part of the puzzle that sets the market not the sole part. Supply and demand, competition, production costs among others are other major parts that set the market. The dealer would only go so low before he he decides not to sell to you based on what they paid for the car and...
  19. AJAT

    Digital Mode Upgrades

    I didn’t Uniden did.
  20. AJAT

    Digital Mode Upgrades

    How did you come up with $40.00? I am sure Uniden can back the $60.00 upgrade with real numbers and market research. It am sure you can not defend $40.00 with any of that. How many upgrades did they sell so far? How many do they anticipate selling this year ? What is the life expectancy of the...