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    What TPT are you talking about?
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    CDM not programmable by remote head?

    I believe some people have had luck with plugging the cable into the brick instead of the remote head however I havent tried this myself so I cant confirm whether it works or not.
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    DEP Fish & Wildlife Units

    I can hear TG 2605 (Fish and Wildlife North) just fine
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    CP 2.0 programming

    Disable talkaround and set your power level to high
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    DEP Fish & Wildlife Units

    What talkgroup are you listening to?
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    Then you have all you need
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    Because with digital there is no PL tone, rather you work with Color Codes, Time Slots, and Talkgroups
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    DEP Fish & Wildlife Units

    What are you listening to them on? I hear them loud and clear on their NJICS talkgroup.
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    Xts2500 trunking question

    Then the radio isn't for you
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    Xts2500 trunking question

    Do you know what an ASK is OP?
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    Looking for a Low Band Genesis Series Antenna (NAB6064B)

    Dang the antenna literally costs more than the radio
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    JEMS Plan revision

    Which is still not true. I know plenty of agencies that strictly use their own channel and rely on dispatch to relay information. People severely underestimate how dumb others are with radios. A lot of people with a radio know to use channel 1 and 2 and press the big button to talk. They wont...
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    Ocean County: Stafford

    I'm not familiar with the area but I can say that the unfortunate reality is that not everyone does things the right way. Meaning that not everyone is properly licensed to be operating on the frequency that they are. If the FCC gets ahold they can be looking at some hefty fines. Not saying...
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    CDM invalid fields

    A few months ago I had a problem with "ghost invalid fields", where I attempted to write a radio but was unable to because of invalid fields. When I went to go see what the invalid fields were, there were none that showed up. Never understood why that happened.
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    CDM invalid fields

    I had a problem like that and I had no idea what was wrong. I ended up closing the codeplug and starting over. That fixed it IIRC.
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    XPR7550 new non-OEM battery will charge, but won't power on unit

    ^^ What he said. If you look on ebay, OEM Motorola batteries can be found for $30 (or less) if you look carefully. Here is one of them.
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    Moto IMPRES XPR Batteries blinking red and won't charge

    I've bought a box of Impres batteries that were fairly new date code wise but absolutely dead when tried to put it in the charger. I took a 12v power supply, hit the battery contacts for a few seconds, and it was sort of a way to "defibrillate" the battery. It seemed to be just enough for the...
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    APX7000XE/6000 Model 1.5 to 3.5

    7000 needs a new VOCON board. Not gonna happen