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    Ambulance FleetNet Zone 2

    Is ambulance coming in very scratchy, basically a lot of tail end squelch, for anyone else? OPP is fine, Amb. is down right awful at times. I am on the Cornwall tower.
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    Leeds & Grenville Fire

    Not sure if I could pick it up from here in Cornwall. I would have to monitor it for a bit. I have an outdoor antenna 40' up.
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    London Airshow 2021

    There is a Facebook page called Canadian Airshow Buzz which has a bunch of great pics from London as well as other shows.
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    Help with Unitrunker and Bell FleetNet

    Sorry Hotpocket. I posted to you in Unitrunkers forum as well. I didn't know your device wasn't supported. :(
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    Help with Unitrunker and Bell FleetNet

    Do you still have the drivers installed from Zadig? Is your SDR dongle is plugged in? It should show up like this on that window automatically, if I remember correctly. You only need one SDR, you make two VFO's. One for signal and one for voice.
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    Help with Unitrunker and Bell FleetNet

    .58 is the latest. But, close enough. ;)
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    Even FM radio has been great. I have been picking up stations from Pittsburgh, Chicago, and a few other areas. One frequency even had 4 HD stations briefly.
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    Help with Unitrunker and Bell FleetNet

    My advice would be to joining the Unitrunker forum and download V2 from it. You can do away with SDR# completely. Unitrunker - Google Groups
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    FleetNet Zone 2 - Cornwall tower down?

    I was listening to OPP on Cornwall's towerand I heard ambulance telling people to switch to P Comm. There was OPP traffic as well and now I am not getting a signal from the tower at all. I can receive Vankleek Hill and Alfred but not getting any health levels. Prescott gets some health levels...
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    Old email addy change

    Email sent. Thanks
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    Year 1957 - T33 AIRCRAFT

    Don't forget the gate Guardian at RCAF Wing 424.
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    Old email addy change

    I am able to log into the forums with my really old email address. I am not able to log into the RR section with the same creds. Every suggestion I see is to go to RR and change it there. I can't log in and I cant do a reset since I haven't had access to that email for a long time. How do I...
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    OPP In East

    Yes, I meant RID.
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    Newbie SDR# DSD+ Decoding Help

    Move your volume slider at the top to almost all the way over to the Left. If I have mine up too high I get lots of errors.
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    OPP In East

    I am in Cornwall - Zone 2 - I heard dispatch come on saying 2OPS31 and 34 will be patched together. Either it's really quiet tonight or something is going on. I see TG 23445. It's mainly EMS tonight. I am using a SDR & Unitrunker to RX. I am new to FleetNet scene and kinda late. :( Of course...
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    Cornwall ON Police Dump Digital (For Now)

    Crap, I had a feeling by the sound of that recording that it was. Thanks xml I was hoping that they would stay unencrypted like their first trial system was.
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    Cornwall ON Police Dump Digital (For Now)

    @tenninetytwo What kind of scanner are you using? I am from Cornwall too. I am still stuck with a analogue scanner for now. :(