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    Motorola Type II SmartZone Omnilink Assistance

    It looks like scan list 11 is set up correctly for the Utah County trunked system using the Utah County Simulcast site. There are 5 other sites in the county. Hopefully, the units you want don't affiliate with the other sites. Enjoy your Trip!
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    BCD325P2: Please help — Poor P25 reception

    The signal may very well be overloading. Try turning on the attenuator.
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    Robeson County

    Usually small towns are dispatched by the Sheriff's Office or Small Town PD. I would bet on Small Town PD.
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    Robeson County

    Although the Robeson Co database does not mention VIPER, there are a large number of talkgroups listed. The 2 VIPER sites in Robeson Co don't show to be simulcast, so the 536 should handle that with no problem. The license of the Proctorville site shows it was cancelled in 2014. One of the...
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    Homepatrol 2 unable to update

    If you need HomePatrol Sentinel, here is the link: HomePatrolSentinel < HomePatrol < TWiki
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    Robeson County

    Hi! Congrats on your move. The locals can better answer questions about what is used. I can help out if you need any help programming. What scanner and programming software are you using?
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    Homepatrol 2 unable to update

    Are you Using HomePatrol Sentinel with the orange icon? If it has the green icon, that is for the BCDx36HP/SDS scanners.
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    help with city

    The file has everything for Grady Co. You can turn off the quick keys of the groups you do not wish to scan.
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    help with city

    I extracted the FreeSCAN .996 programming file by right clicking on it in the Downloads folder of the File Explorer of Windows. Here is a PDF file which will answer all of your questions about using quick keys. You do not need to extract this file:
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    help with city

    I downloaded and extracted the file I attached. It loaded into FreeSCAN without any problems. It should scan both files. You can toggle each system on and off by pressing 1 and 2 on the keypad. Here are the instructions again: The trunked system (OKWIN Chickasha) is on system quick key 1...
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    Looking for scanner that can pick up Viper McDowell NC.

    Incorrect! The Grants Mtn site in McDowell County uses 700 MHz frequencies which the BC796D does not support.
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    Is it legal to have a portable scanner while driving

    The problem is that the laws are so vague. They should specify for state residents only. You could be fined or jailed if the equipment is in your vehicle. You know, "Ignorance of the law is no excuse!" I worked with news media all of my life, but I am now retired. I held a FCC First Class...
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    Pro-106 programming

    The Pro-197 is the mobile version of the Pro-106. I programmed a Pro-197 manually for a large county system, complete with all talkgroups and alpha tags. I wish I hadn't. It is soooo.... much faster and easier using programming software. I also programmed a Uniden BC296D manually. I wore...
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    Is it legal to have a portable scanner while driving

    What happens if you are from out of state with scanners permanently mounted in a vehicle and cannot be removed without major disassembly of the vehicle?
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    Pro-106 programming

    It would save you a lot of time and trouble to get a cheap Windows computer and programming software. You can use ARC500, Win500, or PSREdit500 software with the Pro-106. There have been problems getting the key for Win500. I like Butel ARC500. ARC500 Basic is all you need to program your...
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    ARCXT: ARC XT Pro crashing when trying to read from scanner

    Glad to hear you fixed the problem.
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    SDS100: SDS100 set up help

    There are 2 ways to do that. In Sentinel, go to the Edit tab, Edit Profile and the Scan Selection tab. Uncheck the box for Monitor Full Database. You can also turn the database on and off using the scanner menu. The Menu button is the lower half of the button on the left side of the scanner...
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    Bell Ambulance

    Found these frequencies in the license: 461.7750 463.3625 463.4250 463.7625 464.4125
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    SDS200 Where is Sentinel download for SDS200???

    This is for both the BCDx36HP and SDS scanners: BCDx36HPSentinel < UnidenMan4 < TWiki
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    SDS200 Firmware Updates?

    There have not been any firmware updates for some time. Hopefully, there will be one soon for TDMA control channels used by some of the new Harris systems.