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  1. chief21

    Coax in Wall

    In order to minimize any noise from AC lines, you should always try to cross an AC line at 90 degrees rather than running the coax alongside the AC line. In most cases, this shouldn't be a problem since typical house wiring is horizontal (going from outlet to outlet) and your coax drop would...
  2. chief21

    short beeps, similar to touch-tone (DTMF), but not exactly before paging department

    Primarily to turn the transmitter on and off... essentially, a remote push-to-talk. There are tones for other functions as well. Depends on the system and equipment.
  3. chief21

    short beeps, similar to touch-tone (DTMF), but not exactly before paging department

    In most systems, these remote tones are usually filtered at the transmitter so that they are not heard over the air. Perhaps the recent change you mentioned had something to do with the filters.
  4. chief21

    PL-259 Socket Too Darn Tight

    Would a (very) small amount of dielectric grease help?
  5. chief21

    2020 Toyota Camry LE, 12volt battery power to radio

    In most newer cars, there is a rubber membrane where various connections pass through the firewall. This membrane can usually be pierced (carefully!) to allow additional wires to be passed. I have often needed a wire hanger (or similar), connected to the wires, to help snake the wires through...
  6. chief21

    PL-259 Socket Too Darn Tight

    This, in fact, can be a common problem in agencies where both types of connectors are used. The male UHF will start on a female N and, since the threads are similar, the UHF can be easily tightened down on the N. This totally destroys the N female, of course, resulting in an expensive fix.
  7. chief21

    Is the XTS2500 approved for MURS?

    Similar requirements for FRS and CB radios. These services are "licensed by rule" and, in part, the rules require certain exclusive specifications for radios used in those unlicensed services.
  8. chief21

    black iron pipe for a mast?

    A good alternative for a vertical mast is one or more sections of top rail for chain link fencing. These sections are typically 10.5 feet long, of a larger diameter than typical TV mast sections, with one end swaged to accept another section, and galvanized. These top rail sections can be found...
  9. chief21

    DMR Simplex Voice Echo

    There is always an audio delay when using digital modulation. It's only super noticeable when you are within earshot of another radio receiving your signal. Totally normal.
  10. chief21

    Larsen NMO150/450/758 antenna

    I've used several of the original 150/450/800 version for many years. Very satisfied. "NMO is the way to go!"
  11. chief21

    VHF Base station antenna

    I owned an Austin Ferret antenna for several years but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It performed similarly to smaller, much less expensive antennas, although the specs would have you think otherwise. I left it in the attic of my former house when we moved.
  12. chief21

    New user, seeking setup advice

    In the past, I have used a short section of PVC and a 45-degree coupling. The short section acts as a conduit through the wall and the 45-degree piece (facing down) acts as a weather port on the exterior. Once the cable is in place, stuff some high-density foam in the PVC to act as a barrier...
  13. chief21

    Old VHF-Hi receiver question

    Check out this catalog... see page 95 for the micro P100 I had an earlier model... the P150 had a tunable rcvr and only one Xtal position. (The catalog file was too big to upload, but here is the URL. You can find lots of Lafayette catalogs at this site...)...
  14. chief21

    POCSAG Pager Recommendations

    If you don't require portability, the department I worked for used a PC application and a receiver to monitor, display, and log the POCSAG pages sent to the units. perhaps something similar is still available.
  15. chief21

    New user, seeking setup advice

    A nearby strike is capable of inducing extreme voltages and currents into your antenna and coax. The purpose of any lightning protection device is to shunt dangerous potentials into the ground (and, hopefully, away from the structure and equipment). For the attached ground to be effective, the...
  16. chief21

    New user, seeking setup advice

    Typically, the polyphaser itself would be near ground level (preferably connected directly to the associated ground rod), close to where the coax enters the structure. This allows the grounding path to be as short and as straight as possible. Long runs of ground wire are not effective.
  17. chief21

    New user, seeking setup advice

    If you only have a single scanner, not sure why you're investing in a Stridsnerg multicoupler. If you're thinking of using any type of transmitting radio with the multicoupler - Don't! Multicouplers are for scanners/receivers ONLY. Even an accidental, momentary blip of transmitted RF would...
  18. chief21

    Yaesu: Desk Mic for Yaesu FTM300/FTM400??

    Is anyone aware of a Plug 'n Play desk microphone that can be used with a Yaesu FTM300 and/or FTM400?
  19. chief21

    Hardware help

    Almost any commercial vendor... Motorola Solutions, Kenwood (commercial), Icom (commercial), Vertex, Harris, etc. Hint: Bring lots of money!
  20. chief21

    Radios taken by Taliban

    I would assume that the US provided many, many radios to the Afghan military and National police. I would further assume that said radios were fully functional when the Afghan soldiers and National police just "melted away" as the Taliban approached.