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  1. mikewazowski

    Help with XTS5000 Programming

    Please don’t discuss Depot here.
  2. mikewazowski

    SL300 Firmware downgrade to use CPS 16

    Continue discussion here: Austech - Australian Technology Discussion Forum
  3. mikewazowski

    SL300 Firmware downgrade to use CPS 16

    Why don’t you just get the wide band entitlement for CPS2?
  4. mikewazowski

    RadioFeed RadioFeed not showing text tags from BCD996P2

    Is there a special Custom Format for the metadata to get RadioFeed to show the text tag for the Radio ID's from a BCD996P2? I can see the text tag for the Radio ID coming across the metadata but I've yet to figure out how to get it to show on my Webserver. Currently I have a separate Group...
  5. mikewazowski

    Is there anything new on the horizon from Uniden or Whistler?

    No point in this continuing. Manufacturers are the only ones that know and I’m sure they’re not going to tell us until they’re ready.
  6. mikewazowski

    MTR3000 VSWR error

    Have you checked your antenna?
  7. mikewazowski

    ATT FirstNet 5G Service

    Mine gives me RSRP plus a lot of other useful info.
  8. mikewazowski

    Proscan + iMac (via parallels) + LAN = issues :-(

    Parallels under went some change recently. I had a weather station connected to Windows using a serial port which stopped working. Had to add the device as a Mac serial port in Parallels. My SDS200 is connected using the Ethernet port and it’s rock solid.
  9. mikewazowski

    80s vintage APR ?

    APRS is still alive and well. Not sure about regular packet.
  10. mikewazowski

    Icom: Icom-7100 "RF tap Panadapter"

    Any links in particular as they all work for me.
  11. mikewazowski

    80s vintage APR ?

    And if we really want to nitpick, APRS was invented in the mid 90's. Regular packet started in the late 70's. I also doubt that commercial data radios would support ax.25 but heck, if somebody wants to give it a go, knock yourself out.
  12. mikewazowski

    80s vintage APR ?

    Amateur radio packet is mostly 1200baud.
  13. mikewazowski

    MASTR II VHF mobiles

    Wasn't it the Mastr II's that were modular in that you could remove one side and replace it with another band? I think a local was making split site repeaters by replacing the receiver in one and the transmitter in the other with a UHF transmitter and receiver.
  14. mikewazowski

    Severely out of date UK info in the database.

    Since the OP has made a submission asking for the data to be corrected, no need for this to continue. And just a clarification, Moderators moderate the forums, DB Admins administer the database.
  15. mikewazowski

    Does anyone in Central PA have a KFD100 for sale or onr I can borrow to keyload?

  16. mikewazowski

    Does anyone in Central PA have a KFD100 for sale or onr I can borrow to keyload?

    Here’sa link to the thread: Please, don’t ask here or PM me to ask what the answers are to the membership questions.
  17. mikewazowski

    Unication 1.40 firmware

    I rolled mine back a few days ago. Seems like Unication has abandoned the 1.4 beta.
  18. mikewazowski

    Connect Plus Programming - RX Only

    The only way to do it is to scan the channels as conventional.
  19. mikewazowski

    Toughbook advice needed

    Our GoBooks were a first generation product. They worked well until the serial port pins started to fall back into the machine which eventually caused a short on the main board. I was one of the lucky ones who didn't have that problem. Finally gave mine up when the ethernet port failed followed...