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    BC72XLT for analog in Saskatoon

    How about Rail or Diefenbaker Airport?
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    Saskatoon Canada frequency oddity 155.985 MHz.

    From what you have posted, one of the frequencies co-relates with this system in our database by the SysID - Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference Database . Looks like you have found a previously unknown frequency (451.9625) @ryan433pk is out your way, maybe he...
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    SDS100: SDS 100 speaker crackling

    It sounds like a bad solder connection to the speakers, but it is hard to believe the co-incidence of this happening to both units as well as the repair center missing checking the audio before shipping it back.
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    Saskatoon Canada frequency oddity 155.985 MHz.

    Here's one Extreme feature on your HomePatrol you could try. Find the Raw Data Output feature. Enter 155.985 Connect one end of an audio cable to Line Out. Connect the other end of the audio cable to your computer Line In. Start on HomePatrol. Run DSD+ and see if anything comes up. I haven't...
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    Saskatoon Canada frequency oddity 155.985 MHz.

    Maybe try feeding the audio to DSD+ and see what sort of channel activity it is, if they have gone digital.
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    New to the hobby in Regina

    Put the scanner in Search Mode from 160 MHz to 162 MHz. Let it cycle through for a while and enter anything you hear. If you happen to see it stop but the audio sounds like a "warble" they may mean they have transitioned to digital NXDN mode. Otherwise, you should hear things in analog in FM...
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    Saskatoon Canada frequency oddity 155.985 MHz.

    If you have some way of uploading an audio file, please do so and let the membership give a listen.
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    LMRN General Discussions

    Because of zero activity on the system.
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    Reorganization of a county

    @marksroberson I am surprised at your reluctance to submit. Most submitters are proud to see their information in the database and enjoy sharing with others.
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    BCD536HP: WiFi clarification for the Uniden BCD536HP

    Yep, with VLC Media Player.
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    Then it may be Pontypool. Disregard the drive route on the map and look at their geographical locations. Both Brantford and Pontypool sites use 142.890 as voice channels...
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    LML highway (MOH) channels 12.5 or 25k?

    They could be outdated. Look at the History page. Nothing has changed in many years.
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    Most likely Brantford, Ontario...
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    Haldimand OPP

    If you want the repeater frequency, I think it is BEAT01: 413.5875 (107.2 PL) or do you want the trunked system talkgroup?
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    STM TETRA System

    I have merged the old thread with the new one from Nov. 11th. There is so much historical information that is useful and paints the whole picture for reference. I will create a STM - PowerTrunk system.
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    Kodiak Snow Plowing Frequencies

    Best bet 451.0625: TAFL Search Results
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    Programming DMR in a BCD436HP for Canada

    If you want to program in known frequencies from trunk systems, right click from the Full Database in Sentinel and append the system to a Favorite List. This way you can make it ala carte for only the things you are interested instead of a bloated database. If you want to find new frequencies...
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    Federal Wireless- Site 7 Addition

    I have something prepared in the Misc System Information box on some of those DT3 systems I will add it to Federal To monitor this system with your Uniden scanner, go to the CH ID list. You can find that listing by clicking on the Site Names. A channel menu will appear. Subtract one (-1)...
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    Federal Wireless- Site 7 Addition

    It does cause confusion. When these DT3 systems first came out, I used the LCN Finder on my BCD536HP. I put them into the database. I tried to use the argument that most members overwhelmingly use Uniden and it would make their programming so much easier. No dice and I was instructed to...
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    Federal Wireless- Site 7 Addition

    If you use the Channel ID's then they are wrong. To get a working LCN for your Uniden scanner take each of those numbers minus one (-1), then divide by 2. Let's use Fort Erie for example. 420.4625 LCN is 918. 1837-1= 1836/2= 918 420.7750 LCN is 943. 1887-1= 1886/2= 943 You should notice a...