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  1. KT4HX

    Galax city Police, Virginia-Frequency Change?

    I found a public notice dated November 8 on the city web site requesting bids for a new radio system for Galax and the counties of Carroll and Grayson. So that would seem to indicate they haven't changed yet, but are in the process of moving that way...
  2. KT4HX

    SDS-200 Manufacturing Run

    I got my earlier this month and to my ears, there is no hum. Granted, my ears are not as sensitive as they once were either. Which in some cases is a good thing!
  3. KT4HX

    Funny/Odd things heard on the scanner

    Several years ago, when Spotsylvania County was still on their EDACS system, I heard the Sheriff dispatch a call to a deputy. The deputy came back and said "10-4, I'll head over there as soon as I can get around "Ma and Pa Kettle."
  4. KT4HX

    SDS200 Problems completing registration

    Oh man! :sleep: I saw the numbers there, but it didn't register with me (pun intended). Oy vey! Anyway, it worked fine and have my info in there fine now. Thanks a bunch and I will sheepishly crawl back under my rock.
  5. KT4HX

    SDS200 Problems completing registration

    I am trying to register my SDS200 on While I have registered scanners there before, I am having issues in this case. I have the SN from the label and I have the ESN + SUM from the menu. I have added the SN as it appears on the label (with Z replacing 260). But I am having issues...
  6. KT4HX

    Spotsylvania FD/EMS

    Not to answer for Ken, but I recently got an SDS200 and I've found it works great on the Spotsy and Stafford/Fredericksburg systems. So in my view I would go with the SDS100 for your needs.
  7. KT4HX

    Help with programming the VA Stars System

    Just to clarify, I have not heard Div 3 on Thornburg, but believe I have on Gordonsville while driving in that area.
  8. KT4HX

    Help with programming the VA Stars System

    I have definitely heard Richmond 1 on Thornburg recently. IIRC, I have heard Division 3 traffic on Gordonsville within the last week while driving in that area.
  9. KT4HX

    Larsen 2/70B recent quality/performance

    I have used Larsen for both scanning (NMO 150/450/800) and for VHF/UHF mobile work (NMO 2/70) . Both have been stellar performers for several years. While I no longer operate mobile 2/70, I still utilize the antenna in the house as a scanner antenna mag-mounted to an old aluminum cookie sheet...
  10. KT4HX

    list of African stations

    Yeah, all good stuff. I recall having an ICF-2001D and the 2010 as well at various times. Like I said my first true SW radio was a cheap portable my mother gave me for Christmas or Birthday in the mid-60s. It was a Ross AM/FM/SW, and think it was the same model as the one in this Ebay...
  11. KT4HX

    list of African stations

    Your location should have been good for Asia and the Pacific I should think. That SP-600 should have been a good one! Back in those days I had various receivers. I started with an old portable then a Knight Star Roamer (kit), and a Realistic DX-150A. None of those were terrific. Certainly...
  12. KT4HX

    list of African stations

    RSA certainly put in excellent signals. Of course, you being in the northwest, and my being in Indiana during that time frame, the African reception was more in my favor. I vividly recall evenings in the 70s/80s trolling the 90, 60 and 49 meter bands typically around sunset before 0000 UTC...
  13. KT4HX

    list of African stations

    Yeah I know. Certainly a sad state of affairs for that continent as far as SW goes. The decline in South America is also shocking. The stations that used to fill the airwaves in the evening from Colombia, Venezuela, et al, scattered among the myriad Brazilians. There are still ways to log...
  14. KT4HX

    list of African stations

    I like to check the British DX Club's summary of African stations on MW and SW. The below link was updated for August 2018 and their article page (second link) also has links to similar articles for other parts of the world as well as other useful info. British DX...
  15. KT4HX

    list of African stations

    Thanks Mike. Africa used to be a prime target of mine from Indiana back in the 70s and 80s. There were indeed a large number of stations on the air with 60 meters being filled with them in the early evening around sunset and then again starting around 0300Z. There is a good Wikipedia page...
  16. KT4HX

    RS 800 antenna - outrageous price gouging

    Not in the market for anything. Am well aware of the Remtronix. Only highlighting someone trying to get rich off basic antennas.
  17. KT4HX

    RS 800 antenna - outrageous price gouging

    Holy cow Batman! I've seen some outrageous prices for the RS 800 MHz antenna, but never anything like this:
  18. KT4HX

    Pro-668: How do I know if my scanner has been hacked?

    Just so you understand, the upgrade will cost you $59.95, but well worth it. Here is the link to the Whistler page:
  19. KT4HX

    *Radio Shack Store Closing Thread* All posts about Radio Shack closing go here.

    I too remember looking through my Allied and Lafayette catalogs. Good times to be sure. Anyway, here you go: Allied (1929 thru 1981) Allied Radio & Allied Electronics - 85 Year Catalog Archive
  20. KT4HX

    New Legacy Scanner Upgrade Program

    While to my knowledge the actual firmware itself was never manipulated, I am quite certain that in Whistler's eyes this was a hack. After all, the "tool" that Eric worked on allowed their WS-1080 firmware to be downloaded into three models it was never intended for, even if the design is...