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    Weather Roundup on CLMRN

    Newington hq broadcasts on all 4 district channels on low band. I retired last March but my 700 800 mhz radio had all DOT talk groups and it was on them. The locations are where field garages are located. I belive snow amounts online also
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    Eversource CT

    Generally 48.40 torrington and upper
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    CLMRN (was CSERN)

    Yes we will still have low band however
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    CT DOT

    We usually do not broadcast roundup. E mail and apps. Low band in use primarily however CLMRS being deployed. Definitely a audio difference. I had my low band and Johnson CLMRS on District 1 and definitely a difference
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    Unknown DPW on 453.35

    Not DOT and not sure that frequency is ours. May be bus system SEAT transit district
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    CLMRN (was CSERN)

    DOT has 4 districts for highway maintenance plus some service patrol operations on other frequencies. Long term to trunked . legacy system low band
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    Hartford EDACS System

    Fire dispatch and incident 1 thru 5 on CLMRN and have identified unitvnumbers on system that come up
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    CT State Police Message Center

    When my new radio was installed radio tech called in to Network center to set up. Was a quick process
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    Norwich newer scanner help

    Very little of that now all text and e mail roundups.
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    46.16 wrong. 48.18. I labeled e hampton line
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    37.76 46.16 44.14. My vehicle kenwood lo band has them on recive only
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    Yes in Newtown area basicly
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    37.76 is cheshire line. Serves Bristol lots of switching on radio. Cheshire also goes as far as waterbury
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    37.76. In Cheshire line. Bristol trucks use it.
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    37.76 Cheshire. 48.20 hartford. 48.40 torrington. 48.16 middle town. 44.34 or 44.14 Newtown. 48.16 is repeater out
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    CLMRN (was CSERN)

    42 18 was undercover at one time
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    CLMRN (was CSERN)

    Yes it was
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    CLMRN (was CSERN)

    I was an aux out of troop L in 1983 era
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    CT State Police

    Non related question. I heard that efJohnson makes a portable that works with the state police system. Any truth.
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    Waterbury repeater seems to have gone away on low band since they went to Cheshire. I seen to get some uhf for Newtown. I have the low band as recive only in my work vehicle