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Shortwave Data Decoding - Discussions regarding decoding digital signals on the HF bands, including HFDL, ALE, RTTY, CW, and others.

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Old 09-28-2017, 1:27 PM
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Default Software for Digital Mode Monitoring?

I'm currently using MultiPSK to monitor weather fax and NavTex transmissions, plus the amateur modes of CW, RTTY and JT65. The program works very well (despite taking a long time to load on my Windows 7 netbook), but since I am not a ham myself, the transmit portion of the program is useless to me and takes up far too much space on the screen. Can anyone recommend a multimode program that's intended for just monitoring, without transmit options in the interface? It would also have to be audio card based, as that's the only way I can send the receiver's output to my computer.
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Old 09-28-2017, 2:06 PM
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There are literally tons of programs - both ham and non ham related -that handle CW and RTTY, but very few beyond MultiPSK that can handle JT65, as that's exclusively a ham mode and not used by non-ham entities. I am pretty sure - someone can correct me here, as I can't access my reference materials while I'm at work - that the weak signal program WSJT-X can't handle those other modes beyond JT65. That is, unless you want to shell out some big bucks for the Hoka, Wavecom, Krypto and other whiz bang programs. I don't think Sorcerer can handle JT65. SeaTTY, however, I understand is excellent for FAX and NAVTEX. Links for these can be found in my sig line...Mike
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Old 09-28-2017, 5:30 PM
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Thanks, Mike. In the past I've used HamScope for amateur RTTY and CW. It works quite well, and is a bit easier to use than MultiPSK. Its AFC is more effective, too.

As for JT65, MultiPSK does all right with that, but I'm constantly seeing signals outside of my currently selected range and have to keep changing it with mouse clicks. WSJT-X, on the other hand, has a nice clean interface and automatically detects and decodes signals seemingly throughout the entire JT65 range of a given ham band without requiring any intervention from me.

I still have both of those programs, but lately I've been using MultiPSK for everything, because switching back and forth between applications to accommodate different modes can get pretty frustrating, especially if the station stops transmitting before I can get the app up and running. Also, there is currently a population explosion of shortcuts in my start menu and on my desktop. I have too much software to keep track of on this little machine.

Regarding those big bucks for Hoka, I looked at their price list out of curiosity. Wow, you're not kidding! Considering the fact that I'm only a hobbyist, and given the reception conditions in my area (poor propagation and high noise levels), I could never justify the expenditure.
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