1. Shae_Clark

    Are there new police codes?

    Does anyone know what these codes mean : 110 104 - I'm almost positive means vehicle accident but not 100% sure I've listened to the scanner consistently for around 3 years now & about two weeks ago I started noticing them saying codes that are all in the hundreds & that I had never heard...
  2. gr8rcall

    Burlington Police 10-Codes

    I have noticed that Burlington (NC) police use SOME of NCSHP 10-codes. Here's a link to the SHP ones and I will list the ones that BPD use: http://wiki.radioreference.com/images/c/cf/NCSHPcodesdistricts.pdf BPD Uses: 10-4 10-5 10-6 10-7 10-8 10-9 10-10 10-14 10-17 10-20 10-21 10-22 10-23...
  3. A

    Wilson County 10-codes

    have a list of Kansas state wide 10-codes but they dont seem to be the same as the ones Wilson county is using. Anyone know what those might be?
  4. P

    10-Codes ??

    I am listening to a local mental institution on my scanner. I hear them calling 10-codes. Their codes do not match with the police obviously. I googled for about an hour and I still can not come up with anything. Does anyone know if their 10-codes are field specific or location specific and what...
  5. L

    Can someone help determine what this could be

    I listen to the local sheriff all the time and when they go to take someone to the jail they say central I'm 10-8 , code 7, 1 time in route 10-35. Which 10 -8 means in service 1 time - means 1 prisoner 10- 35 - means , the jail My guess is code 7 is subject in costody , but they use...