1. KI5UFO

    WTT Uniden SDS200

    Good morning I just recently purchased a new car and don't particularly feel like drilling holes to get my 200 mounted so I'm looking to trade it for a SDS100 so mobile mounting won't be as tedious or damaging. It has the DMR, NXDN, and ProVoice paid upgrades and looking for a handheld with the...
  2. ll35689k

    ISO Uniden SDS100 Battery

    I am looking to purchase a Uniden SDS100 slim regular size battery and battery cover.
  3. CrazyCalifornian

    TrunkPCR version 0.90.283 Now Available

    TrunkPCR version 0.90.283 Now Available for Downloading from the NEW Homepage: "http://www.fiftyonefiftysystems.com/TrunkPcr/TrunkPcrDwnld.html" NOTE: Moto Type-I Support *should* be finished in the next major update. This update has Four Fixes, Seven Additions and One Change... Mar...