1. CrazyCalifornian

    TrunkPCR version 0.90.283 Now Available

    TrunkPCR version 0.90.283 Now Available for Downloading from the NEW Homepage: "http://www.fiftyonefiftysystems.com/TrunkPcr/TrunkPcrDwnld.html" NOTE: Moto Type-I Support *should* be finished in the next major update. This update has Four Fixes, Seven Additions and One Change... Mar...
  2. sheldonk

    For Sale: Icom R20 and Icom PCR1000

    Selling them together. $575.00 ransun@nktelco.net for more info if interested. TY
  3. F

    Wilson 1000 Help!!

    Okay so i have a Wilson 1000 trunk mount antenna, and right now im short of cash and i want to make my Wilson mobile used as a base. I want to put it onto my deck(my deck is 8 feet off the ground and we live at a high point) now in putting it on my deck would this effect the ground plane or is...