1. N6SPP

    10 Mtr Reference Pdf ~ N6SPP

    Hello group- Attaching my 10M Quick Ref pdf here.. Updated twice a year over many years.. Note- Beacons are tailored for the SFO Bay Area. There is a detailed AM & FM section, and a few new modes like "C4FM" & HFVara.. Older frequencies & modes are included for historical purposes. Feedback is...
  2. P

    Looking for a Compact Mobile

    I'm looking for a compact mobile for my Jeep. Currently I have an old Radio Shack/Realistic radio but am wanting something dedicated more towards SSB on 10m that has the ability to at least tune into 19 and 27 on CB so I can listen to a few friends modulate. Something preferably under $150...
  3. K

    Nagoya NA-777 Antenna Off Frequency

    I bought 2 of these BNC handheld antennas. They are supposed to be for the 26 to 34 MHz range. The measured resonant frequencies of the two I have are 34.0 MHz and 34.8 MHz.
  4. n9mxq

    ARRL 10 meter contest

    Anyone else get out and make some contacts? I got a few more states and The Dominican Republic. Could hear Guatemala, but didn't have the umph to get back to him..