1. 5

    CB in Europe vs N. America

    This is a question for the DX'ers or more seasoned operators out there: I've been checking out different cb forums for quite a while and also listening on the band and i find that cb ( including un-authorized out of band usage above ch. 40 ) is much more evolved in Europe compared to N...
  2. James_Bond_007

    11 Meter Repeater

    I got bored and starting thinking about how to implement a CB repeater... here is my thought on how to implement this... TX site: Feq: 27.315 TPO: 4 Watts Mode: AM Antenna: Custom Dual 4 Bay Folded Dipole Filter: Bp: 27.315 Br: 27.965 Coax: Andrew 1 Inch Hardline Controller: Rack Mount Custom...