1. Mtnrider

    CDM 1250ing sense issue

    Have a CDM 1250 that worked without the ing sense and someone decided to check the program to see what was up....changed the program. Now radio wont power up . Anyway to get it to power up and go back to turning it on each time....the way it was....ill assume the ing sense was not working to...
  2. F

    Multiple MDC codes in one radio

    Hello, I have an issue when programming my radios for the departments I am with, So I have a HT1250 UHF radio and I have programmed 2 zones in it, one for my volunteer dept. and one for my job. I have 2 different unit numbers and I am trying to program the radio to where depending on what zone...
  3. A

    HT1250 CPS region

    I have program software for CPS R06.09.06 and i am trying to read my radio and it says error 4-1379 invalid region code and wondering what i need to do to fix it and be able to program the radio
  4. K

    Open Scanned Channel on Tone Reveive

    So this is what I am looking to do... There are 2 widely used freqs that I scan but get tired of having to use nuisance delete to kill the trivial chatter, I only want to hear the dispatch with QC-II tones. I have the tone settings that dispatch uses when giving out the call, how do I set...
  5. M

    WTB or WTT: HT1250 VHF Hi Band

    I am looking to buy an HT 1250 VHF Hi Band or I could also trade for a Kenwood 272G. Max price I'd go to buy is around $200. Radio must work. Thanks
  6. 214drew

    HT 1250 vs. XTS Question

    I have been using a motorola XTS for the past several years and really enjoyed it. It was the XTS 3000 model 2. When I pushed the PTT button to transmit, a loud chirp would occur. It sounds like 3 very rapid beeps. I really liked this feature and was wondering if the HT 1250 can be programmed to...
  7. J

    CDM1250 Squelch

    Where/What is the setting to adjust the squelch in the CPS software for the CDM1250? We got a new radio with the same freqs we have been using for years and now it's picking up (barely braking squelch) transimitions from ??? where. I'm somewhat familiar with the CPS software as I have adjusted...