1. SpectralContent

    Trying to Monitor 160mHz railroad band - Issues with constant static/ no reception

    Just started to really get into SDR over the past couple of weeks and wanted to try to monitor local railroads to see how SDR compared to my traditional setup of a Kenwood TK-780 with a 160mhz tuned 3db gain antenna. I attached an identical antenna up to an RTL-SDR stick with the intent of using...
  2. M

    Augusta, ME Freq Question

    I am receiving 160.800 NAC 293 with a continuous 1000hz tone with +/- 5khz deviation. The signal is 100% quite in Augusta around the Civic Center and 95% quite 10 miles east of Augusta. I know that 160.800 falls in the RR Band but, this is P25 with a NAC 293 and it is not encrypted. Anybody...