1. W8HDU

    RS Pro-197 Remanufacture

    The Dayton Hamvention is over, and I heard two guys talking mobile to mobile on 146.52 as they drive home about someone possibly picking up the Pro-197 and making them again. I gathered from the conversation there was some sort of discussion at the Hamvention. I sat this year out. This...
  2. K

    Pro-652: clone from 197?

    Got my answer, thanks to TAbirdman.......no more needed...thanks guys!!! I have 3 pro 197s which work fine and 2 106s which will cross-clone with the 197s. I have a chance to pick up a new 652 at a great price...I wonder if it will accept the info from my 197. They LOOK the same from...
  3. nc28478

    2008 Ford Explorer basic mobile shack

    1. Pro 197 with 800 mhz stubby antenna
  4. MasterScan40

    Reprograming 197 Question RE: Download CSV frequencies

    Needing to know if it is possible to access the CSV frequencies that are attached to the frequency database info for AR. Win500 only allows a certain pathway to download info from RadioReferene - seeking anyone's helpful knowledge as to how I can download the CSV frequency info too. Please...
  5. ToDaMax

    Pro 197 issue

    I have had my PRO 197 for about a month now, to replace my old Pro 163. It has been working fabulously until very recently. The first problem was that i lost any reception to NOAA weather radio, and i am unable to get it, regardless of where i am. Second thing i noticed was that some channels...
  6. J

    My mobile setup

    I've got a Radio Shack PRO-197 scanner and a Galaxy DX-959 CB mounted up in my '04 Yukon XL 2500. I have a 108" whip in the back for my CB, soon to be replaced by a roof mount Wilson 5000, and a mag-mount scanner antenna from Radio Shack, not installed at the time I took the exterior pictures...
  7. SlipNutz15

    RadioShack PRO-197 tone decode time

    I was wondering if anyone had a RadioShack PRO-197 and had the PL tone decode mode set. If so how fast does it take the scanner to decode the tone and open up to monitor? I know the BC895XLT took about 1-2 seconds to decode the PL then open up. I was wondering if this was close to immediate...