1. E

    RS 20-047 cable for BCD436HP WS1080? | WS1080 requires continual RR.com + web access?

    1. Will my old orange Radio Shack 20-047 USB Scanner Interface/PC Cable work with the Uniden BCD436HP and Whistler WS1080 scanner? If not please recommend one that will work with an old Windows Vista pc. I hope to first run the Sentinel program with the BCD436HP. Getting ready, I do not have...
  2. phallout2000

    pro-163, 20-047 cable and ARC300 program

    so i have installed the drivers and tried to use this software, with and without the optional 3 inch cable provided. the cable instructions say it must be used for this model scanner. the drivers are registered as com6 with the correct drivers. but the ARC300 software will not read from my...