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    New DPD OmniX vs old RS 20-176 -- Findings

    I have been using a Radio Shack 20-176 for about 15 years now and wanted to try an upgrade. I purchased a DPD OmniX based in large part on reviews here and also to support a small business with quality customer service. I received the OmniX a few days ago and wanted to share my findings. First...
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    Help with Radio Shack 20-176 antenna

    I am thinking of buying the Outdoor VHF-Hi/UHF Scanner Antenna model 20-176 from Radio Shack, I am going to order it online since they do not have it available at any stores near me. I have searched the web and have not found what connection it has on it, to connect it to the scanner. Can anyone...
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    Spray painting an antenna effect performance?

    I bought a Radio Shack 20-176, again... I have purchased about 7 over the past couple years. My question is, if I spray painted this antenna (covering the connector with tape of course) with a clear spray paint, will it effect it's performance at all? I know not to use a paint with metal in it...
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    Help with 20-176 & Belden coax

    I just bought a scanner today.... Radio Shack PRO-136. Yeah, I know it's a cheapy, but I don't mind. Obviously the stock antenna is pretty much crap. So I bought a 20-176, which folks seem to have a lot of good things to say about. My goal is to monitor air frequencies including the control...