1. bReed11091

    XTS 3000 Programming

    I'm looking into getting an XTS 3000. I already have an XTS 5000 along with an aftermarket programming cable and the Motorola CPS for it. My question: can I use the same cable and/or software I use for my XTS 5000 to program an XTS 3000? If not, what is the part number for the CPS? Thanks!
  2. W

    Bricked XTS3000 Radio Help

    I was programming a Moto XTS3000 using CPS, While writing to it computer Blue Screened, As a result radio turns on, but does not go past "Self Test" screen. If anyone has any tips or solutions that would be excellent, other then to send it to Motorola and shell out a lot of $$$$$. If someone...
  3. A

    XTS3000 ASTRO battery issue

    Hi evryone, I have done a search and I can't really find the answer I am looking for. I recently bought a XTS3000 ASTRO, and I have an (annoying) issue with the battery. It came with a moto battery which works fine, but when I use my friends battery (not moto / impres brand) the low volt...
  4. C

    Xts3000 codeplug

    Hi there.... looking for a reasonable code plug for my xts XTS3000 MODEL III FLASHCODE: 500008-000000-1 MODEL: H09RDH9PW7BN my email is chris.nault@me.com thanks in advance, Chris
  5. 214drew

    HT 1250 vs. XTS Question

    I have been using a motorola XTS for the past several years and really enjoyed it. It was the XTS 3000 model 2. When I pushed the PTT button to transmit, a loud chirp would occur. It sounds like 3 very rapid beeps. I really liked this feature and was wondering if the HT 1250 can be programmed to...