400 trunk tracking advice

  1. N

    New GRE PSR-400 Scanner help programming?

    Can anyone tell me the best software to use for this scanner. I just bought it brand new has the radioshack disc software and looks like im using ARC300 with pro 163 software because it shows the gre 300/400 software on it. I am using cable from radio shack 20-546. it reads from scanner I cant...
  2. KrisFFEMT

    400 MHz Trunk Tracking- Advice

    Good Morning All, Look for some advice / recommendation on both a portable and home scanner. Our county is switching (Fingers crossed) soon to: Franklin Co, PA 400 MHz Trunk Tracking (Digital- I do believe) Motorola based system Also, will an 800 MHz TT scanner work with the 400's in a TT...