1. ll35689k

    APX 4000 Volume

    We have a APX4000 and by default whenever it is turned on it defaults the volume to 12. Is there a way to default it to 15 (the highest)? I have looked in the radio profiles but all I see is Max and Min volume. The radio volume does not appear to be as loud as the APX6000's, are there any...
  2. J

    Programming VX-4000 Kawa USB cable

    Trying to [re]program my VX-4000 with CE49 software, an old laptop running at 700Mhz with a fresh install of Win XP Pro. Got the radio-to-USB cable from Kawamall. Com port is set to match in Device Manager and CE49. Radio is in PC Clone mode. When I try to read the radio it starts to cycle...
  3. J

    vx-4000 help

    Hello I have a Vertex VX-4000 with remote mount. The radio worked fine a month ago. Now when I transmit you can barely hear me talking and a lot of static noise. It will receive in the same manner even with the volume all the way up. Any help would be appreciated.