1. metwrench

    NEED ADVICE on Base Antenna 400mhz Range

    I recently moved away from the City I need to Monitor. I'm about 30 Miles away now and The band I need to pick up is 470-500mhz Range. I run Bearcat Trunk Tracker and Currently I'm using a Discone which is NOT picking anything up. Questions to you : What antenna would you recommend ? How...
  2. M

    400MHz Federal Channels near Portland, Maine

    Hey There Any ideas as to the users behind the following channels, all strong in Portland, ME? 408.2000, 414.3125 probably two channels on same Digital Voice system - MotoTRBO-like 411.650 Digital voice - MotoTRBO-like 415.625 Digital voice - smooth noise unlike Moto sound 419.250 FM Analog...