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    Decoding Nexa 433.92MHz Signals

    Hello. I finally managed to record some WAV files from 433.92 remote controls by using HackRF, SDR# and Audacity. X10 signals look like highs and lows and I think it will be possible to decode them. However Nexa signal looks different, more like usual sound waves. Does anyone know how to decode...
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    RF certification in Kazakhstan

    Hello All, I have been trying to find (on the web) if the FCC part 15 certification is valid in Kazakhstan - but alas no success. Or if Kazakhstan equivalent RF certification to US's FCC part 15 is the same thing or not (@433MHz). I would much appreciate if someone more familiar with Kazakhstan...
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    Does a 433MHz antenna help with reception?

    Hi, this is my first post so please tell me if I am double posting or in the wrong section. Anyway, my question is whether or not a 433MHz antenna will improve reception of 433Mhz signals on my handheld scanner compared to the rubber duck stock antenna. I ask because the antenna I am looking at...