1. zacabo

    XTL5000 High Power w/ W3 Control Head

    I recently purchased a headless XTL 5000 high power. I changed the control head from an 05 to a W3 HHCH. The W3 will allow me to change the channel and volume. When I key up the radio it will transmit the MDC info but the microphone doesn't seem to pick up any sound. I have searched the forums...
  2. SlipNutz15

    XTL5000 transmit tone

    I have programmed an XTL5000 that has a tone after the normal MDC1200 keyup (wait to talk) tone. This tone is just a short beep but it's not the short side tone beep because it does it both on MCD and ASTRO channels. It's approx 500ms into the key up. The system we are using is Analog...
  3. bReed11091

    XTS 3000 Programming

    I'm looking into getting an XTS 3000. I already have an XTS 5000 along with an aftermarket programming cable and the Motorola CPS for it. My question: can I use the same cable and/or software I use for my XTS 5000 to program an XTS 3000? If not, what is the part number for the CPS? Thanks!
  4. N

    Looking for someone to program my XTS 5000Rs

    Anyone in the California Central Valley interested in programming a few XTS 5000s? I have RSS but no programming cables. I'd pay you for your time. Thanks
  5. K

    motorola xts 5000 uhf model 2

    hi all, i am trying to program a xts 5000 uhf model 2 and running into a road block, when i try to write the radio the display on the radio show up empty list any help would be thankful? Mark
  6. operator219

    XTL 5000 Programing (expert needed)

    Seems as if I have had so many issues over the last 6 months with this mobile. I have recently put through some company changes to the programming but most of all I have feature and function problems. The radio shop I use isn't too used to programing the newer motorola mobiles. I have Quick Call...
  7. operator219

    XTL-5000 Program Questions

    Hello, I want to start by saying I am here to grab others knowledge to assist me in things so main thing to remember is I am not as knowledgeable as some on here. I have a VHF XTL-5000 in my personal vehicle that I use for (Local Fire/State SAR/Private Company) the tech that has programmed my...
  8. N

    XTS 2500/5000 Questions

    I am a little confused about the things I have found out about these radios! Can the radio Tx/Rx on the 800MHz digital PLUS the radio analog bands, i.e. 462.700MHz? I see that they have different models but can one radio do it all? Also if you have the Model lll (the one with the keypad) can you...