1. Z

    Marquette University Nexedge

    Is all of Marquette University's operations & public safety on nexedge trunking or are there some departments that are on conventional nexedge. Specifically, public safety dispatch is noted in the database as nexedge 6.25 conventional.
  2. Danny37

    Do any yaesu HT do a 6.25 step narrowband

    Does anyone know if there is or "in the works" yaesu ht that does 6.25 step for the mandatory narrowband change of 2013. It's hard to believe that cheap Chinese market radios do this step but others don't, whats the deal?
  3. N2SCV

    Pro-160 (not 106)

    Is there a fix for UHF trunk systems to accept 6.25 spacing? My 163/164 receive the NYC DoITT 400 mhz system fine because I can set the spacing to 6.25, however the 160 only goes down to 12.5 and ARC160 does 12.5, 10 and 5 but not 6.25. The manual shows this: "400-512 6.25 kHz " but does not...