1. G

    Pro-651: Pro 106 and Pro 651 Expert Settings Differences

    Does anyone know exactly what differences there are in the Expert Settings between the Pro651 and the Pro106? I know about the RSSI Threshold and the Zeromatic Threshold InHi differences, but there must be more. I have a pro 651 and pro106 programmed exactly alike sitting side by side and the...
  2. J

    Pro-651 NEED HELP

    My local law enforcement uses FMN, is there anyway to program this darn radio to pick them up? Also I don't have a windows machine only mac? anyone know where I can get a program for a Mac? I have the program cable but can't use it. I have a public safety channel that when I scan it picks up but...
  3. Deziel0495

    Pro-651 and P25

    So I know the 651 can receive P25 Phase 1 systems but there is something in the specs that confuses me. Anyone know what this means? 9600bps control channel trunking systems: No APCO 25 digital trunking systems: Yes From what I read up on P25 digital trunking systems, isn't all control...