1. daugherh

    Remove Connect Plus Trunking

    Hi all, I've searched the Motorola forum and reviewed this thread here but wanted to post this as a double check. I've been offered a Motorola XPR 6550 that has the sticker in the back that says Connect Plus Trunking. I'm assuming that this means the radio has the capability of CPT, however I...
  2. R

    xpr6550 firmware

    I have downloaded the newest firmware release from MOL and also have CPS 8.6 (build 453) and a motorola programming cable. I ran the .exe file for the firmware update but cant figure out how to get the firmware into the radio. I tried Device>Update but it says "no matching package(s) exist".
  3. gonzalu

    XPR-6550 vs. XPR-7550

    Can someone please help me decide between these two radios? What are the differences and what are the pro's and cons? I would like to use on standard amateur UHF bands on simplex and repeater offset as well as get started with DMR nets. Thanks for your input..
  4. S

    XPR6550 - remote speaker microphone

    I've tried the PMMN4025 and PMMN4050 remote speaker microphones. When transmitting, the individuals listening state that I am clear and understandable. However, some individuals are annoyed and stated that it sounds like my voice is muffled a bit and/or sounds like I'm in a tunnel. Anyone...