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    TK-890/TK-790 PL Issue

    Hey all- I'm currently running a dual-band TK-790/890 radio in my vehicle. I upgraded to this after using a single-band, remote-head 790 for over a year. To upgrade to both bands, I got the entire (dual-band, single head) setup used, and had my local Kenwood shop upgrade the firmware in both...
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    PiRLP Pinout for TK-790

    I'm trying to set up my PiRLP with a Kenwood TK-790 VHF transceiver. These transceivers have a DB-25 connector that has everything you would ever need to connect devises like the PiRLP (headsets, horn relays, etc.). Here is what I've got so far: PiRLP Pin Kenwood TK-790 1 - No...
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    TK 790 Squelch Tuning

    We have several TK 790s. Some are 45W and some are 110W; some are the CA Fire Service model and a few are the generic Kenwood model. On one of the 110W generic Kenwood models (160 channel) I15 cannot get the squelch adjusted. The radio opens up with squelch noise even when there is no signal...