800 mhz trunking

  1. P

    toning P25 800mhz

    Can someone tell me if the below tones will work over P25 800 to alert stations? Also, can someone recommend a good program to check tdma and fdma tones and a program to convert it into MIP5000 format? I have been told that P25 800 is only FDMA. Thank you! 375 562.5 375 343.75 656.25...
  2. C

    Programing help with BCD325P2

    I purchased a new scanner, I updated the firmware to 1.07.09. I have tried to program it with Free Scan, CatScan(I think) and manually. The area (Buchanan CO, MO) I live in and trying to program is a Project 25 Phase 1 w/ APCO-25 CIA Exclusive. I have programed two different trunk systems...
  3. SafeRanger

    TK-940 Programming

    Hello Fellow Radio Programming Enthusiasts! I am seeking some guidance programming a TK-940 Kenwood Radio. I have the Software, License, Data and the like. If you have programmed this exact Radio before, i would like some help/advice. I am using the KPG25D software and have fumbled my way...
  4. M

    Uniden Rubber Duck vs. Diamond SRH320A vs. Radio Shack RS800

    Here is a quick comparison video between the Uniden rubber duck v. Diamond SRH320A v. RS800 on the Denver Police EDACS 800mhz system. I'm using the Uniden BCD436HP for this comparison test. <object width="640" height="360"><param name="movie"...
  5. radioscan

    MontCo TGID 17200

    I'm in town for the 26th SWL Fest and I am catching a new TGID on Montgomery County 17200. Sounds like an inquiry/records channels. I am hearing Unit IDs of 3200 series and one RID I caught was 13210. Maybe PD Reg 7 Records?
  6. D

    Pro-106 will no longer scan Trunking Talkgroups. Please Help!

    I've had my RS Pro-106 for about 8 months and love it. I used WIN 500 to program it and it has worked like a charm since. About 2 days ago my scanner quit picking up all Indiana Motorola 800 MHz. traffic. I'm not sure if I locked out the talkgroup or what, but no matter what I try I cannot...
  7. aspclay

    All Pulaski County Agencies switching to AWIN

    The following is from the AWIN Quarterly Newsletter-January 2012 Proposals Approved to Add Little Rock , Jacksonville Systems..... The end of 2011 marked the beginning of some big changes for the Arkansas Wireless Information Network (AWIN) as the city of Fayetteville became a full time...
  8. W

    800 MHz vs. tri band antenna

    I have a Uniden 996 XT that has been professionally programmed and have tried a couple antennas without great results. I first started with a window mount which as you all know is a waste of time and install then yesturday installed a Larson tri band 16" fender mount. Looks great but still not...
  9. F

    OKWIN Reception Problem

    Hello All, I've been having a great deal of trouble hearing OKWIN in my car travelling around Oklahoma City. In certain areas, especially around I-240 and the Warr Acres area, I get all sorts of static. Is this simply simulcast interference? Is there a way around this? I use a phantom elite 800...
  10. N

    MTX9000 B3 programming- stretch down to mid 800mhz?

    I work for a PS agency that uses Motorola Type 2 Smartnet trunking for statewide ops and conventional regional repeaters at fixed sites. I am also a HAM and I want to dabble in 900mhz. I recently acquired an MTX9000 B3 unit in working order. I have seen a couple of good How To-s describing how...
  11. CSX_TampaBay

    New Scanner- Needs help..

    I've looked on RR for about two hours now and I am still confused??? I bought a Pro-164, live in Pinellas County Florida. They use Motorola 2. 800 band... Years ago my old scanner I would just enter a freqs... now- there are talk groups and DEC/HEX's ??? I thought I would just enter as an...
  12. B

    Direction of ST-2 antenna

    Hello, I currently listen to a RS PRO-163 that is linked to a Scantenna ST-2 mounted to the side of my house. I do monitor the Mass State Police 800MHz Motorola trunking system with this setup, and many times the reception quality is quite poor and full of static. I live approx 45 miles from...