1. *SOLD* REDUCED - Uniden BC895XLT Scanner

    *SOLD* REDUCED - Uniden BC895XLT Scanner

    **SOLD** I accidentally fat fingered the cost price so I'm reducing it to $50. Used and in very good condition is a Uniden BC895XLT Trunktracker Scanner. Has 300 channels and does CTCSS. Well taken care of and used only inside (no mobile installs). Radio just tested and still works like a...
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    BCD436HP/BCD536HP: PC Control

    is the 436 capable of virtual control as is my 396 and 996 with ARC software? Does sentinel have this capability, or is it strictly for working with the database? thanks, Al
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    Serial to USB

    396T, ARC 396 Pro, Win 7 64 bit, I've been trying for a few hours to set up a prolfic Serial to USB adapter. I've tried different ports, and baud rates to no avail. The Arc Pro software does not find the scanner. Does anyone have any hints, or success with this Cables to Go adapter, or do I...
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    ARC996-PRO saves all files as back ups.

    I've downloaded Butels latest and greatest, and have been able to import files to Main screen. I can view/edit the info in the file. When I "Save all open files", however, they are saved as back up files. ie. D_20 T20.53 etc. They do not save to the ARC996PRO folder. They can be found in...
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    firmware for 396t

    I believe it was Upman who recently wrote a step by step article on how to upgrade your firmware. I'm trying to locate that article. I've searched the forums and the wiki with no luck. I'm at Ver 1.13.17, and wish to go to Ver 3.xx. Do I need any updates that are in between? Thanks, Al
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    Confused 396 trunker!!!

    I'm still trying to scan the Mass St Police, but am having issues. My state police system has only the CChans programmed for the St Pol sites that I'm interested in, and only the talk groups for these sites set up as groups. The 396 is set at Moto Type 2/800Mhz Standard. If I set the radio...