900 mhz

  1. P

    Question on using FHSS (single antenna) vs. Using 2 antennas with different frequencies

    Hi everyone, I’m currently studying some diversity techniques in wireless communications, and a question came to mind when studying time/space/frequency diversity. I would like to compare the pros and cons of 2 options: Using a single antenna to do FHSS. Using 2 antennas, each in a well...
  2. Motorola Xts1500 radios for sale!

    Motorola Xts1500 radios for sale!

    I have several Xts1500 radios in vhf, uhf, and 900 mhz all P25 equipped with original tags and upgraded flashcodes. Used and in good condition Tested and in working order. Radio and antenna only. $150.00 each.
  3. SignalEmitter5000

    Hex Editing XTS1500/2500 900MHz For 33cm Band

    I need some assistance in figuring out how difficult it is in my CPS to hex edit either an XTS1500 or an XTS2500 to operate on the 900MHz spectrum, primarily the 33cm band of 902-928MHz. Can either radio be modified to do the 33cm band? If so, which? I’m trying to get into P25 900MHz via a...
  4. K

    What is 33cm good for?

    FIrst, let me say the topic question isn't meant disparagingly. Everyone has their favourite bands to operate on, but I think our amateur spectrum is a "use it or lose it" proposition, so I want to use as much of it as I can. I've never used 33cm (900Mhz band) for anything, but it's right...
  5. J

    BCD996T no reception in 935-940mhz after upgrade to 3.02.00

    Last night, I upgraded my bcd996t firmware to 3.02.00 from the original 1.03.11. Since the upgrade, I noticed that it would not lock on the control channel of the 935mhz to 940mhz systems, even while using an outdoor antenna and even when setting the squelch to 0 while in scan mode. I set up...
  6. mgolden2

    900 mhz antenna suggestion

    Hello all. I just bought my first Motorola GTX mobile 900 mhz radio, the 30 watt version, and am now looking for suggestions on which mobile antenna to use. I prefer the NMO mounts and a gain antenna. Size isnt really an issue since it will be on a vehicle. What do you guys use? Any...
  7. mgolden2

    900 mhz equipment in Kansas City

    Does anyone know where to find 900 mhz equipment in or near kansas city? Im interested in trying this band but am weary of buying equipment off ebay. Btw - for a great site about 900 mhz go to GEMOTO** Ham groups with interest in 6M and UHF repeater building and commercial converstions thanks