1. CopperWhopper67

    DLR Series.... Channel Pool?

    I have been trying to find the list of frequencies that Motorola DLR radios use in the 900 MHz ISM band. The user manual does not list the freqs unlike the manuals of other radios. Does anybody have a list or know where I can find one? Thanks
  2. XLC_Comm442

    SoCal 900 Frequencies

    Just got a 900 radio and was wondering if anybody had any info as far as what I can listen to here in SoCal? I heard that SoCal Gas and some other utilities might be 900. Does anybody have a decent list of stuff? Thanks in advance.
  3. marksroberson

    900 MHz intercom Frequency?

    I have a Radio Shack 43-124 900Mhz intercom system and was wondering if anyone knew the specific frequency of these intercoms, the FCC ID is AAO430124 if that helps, its probably in the ISM bands
  4. M

    New 900Mhz broadcaster near Amherstburg?

    Is anyone aware that there's a new broadcaster installed somewhere between Amherstburg and Windsor ans is emitting in the 902Mhz-928Mhz range? I have a point to point link between Amherstburg and Windsor that use a hopping RF modem, it was working well since installation day and now the signal...
  5. mgolden2

    900 mhz antenna suggestion

    Hello all. I just bought my first Motorola GTX mobile 900 mhz radio, the 30 watt version, and am now looking for suggestions on which mobile antenna to use. I prefer the NMO mounts and a gain antenna. Size isnt really an issue since it will be on a vehicle. What do you guys use? Any...
  6. mgolden2

    900 mhz equipment in Kansas City

    Does anyone know where to find 900 mhz equipment in or near kansas city? Im interested in trying this band but am weary of buying equipment off ebay. Btw - for a great site about 900 mhz go to GEMOTO** Ham groups with interest in 6M and UHF repeater building and commercial converstions thanks