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    BCD325P2/BCD996P2: Help w/manual prog. EDACS?

    First time, trying manual programming on the 996 (with DMR installed), here with EDACS. I know it's complicated and have a Mac, so not using software. Between forums here, easier-to-read guide and instruction manual, hit a wall. I can't find a way to enter actual frequencies. At one point...
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    Michigan FreeSCAN files

    I see other state forums have FreeScan files (996) for different locations in the states such as NY,CA and IN. Example in the forum "Uniden 396xt/996xt Starter Freescan Files NC" Are there any files available for Michigan? I just returned to scanning after ten years. I see a lot has changed...
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    996XT on DPS & Austin/TC Problems

    Radio works perfectly on all analog type systems - EDACS, conventional, etc. No signal strength issues, usually full quieting, etc. Radio seems to track systems with digital audio correctly, RSSI's show to be good on Freescan logs, etc. * below indicates all available settings were tried -...
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    996 No Audio Issue

    Hello, One of my units a 996 ending in s/n 832 has no audio coming out of the speaker, headphones plugged in do just fine. I've tried power cycling the unit, plugging in and unplugging headphones and no luck. I've seen the other threads on this and wondering if there is any other solution...
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    996 and arc996pro not talking

    Really need some help..... I am trying to use Arc996pro (registered) and it will not communicate with scanner. Trouble-shooting tells me to go into settings and set baud..i did this several times. I am using a usb-1 cable. Was working in the past..been 6 months since is used the scanner...
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    Uniden 996 Not Showing Checksum

    Hey All, I've flashed the other 6 996 units we have, and our 396 with no problems up to the latest version. Following the same methods used to succesfully update the other radios I have one which refuses to cooperate and display a checksum. It simply says SUM=0FF. Tried to google the problem...