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    Abell walkie talkie

    Based in ShenZhen which is a twin city of Hong Kong and the largest manufacturing base and R&D center for professional two-way radios and wireless trunking systems in China, Abell (Pronounced as"Able") Industries Co., Ltd (ABELL) is one of the leading handheld-wireless-telecom-equipment...
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    Abell two way radio A-510

    Abell's new model A-510 is a waterproof radio with IP56 class. Its light weight and smart size can be best fit for your pocket.
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    Abell A-81

    Abell A-81 is a super valued radio with many signals. 2-Tone, 5-Tone, DTMF, PTT-ID, ADC1200(compatible with MDC1200), all these features enable users to manage a working team easily. What's more, IP67 dust and water proof class allows you to wash the A-81 even it can be immersed into 0.5m water...