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    DPS unit numbers broken down?

    HI all: there used to be an item on the DPS database entry describing each of the 4 digits in a unit number. I know the first digit is the region [I.e 5 for the Lubbock region]. I know the second digit is the sub-region [i.e. 6 for Abilene] but the last two digits? Also, I've heard reference...
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    Youth Commission in Abilene? Hearing it but no licence?

    I have been hearing jail related comms [mandown testing, headcounts, etc.] on 154.0875 over the last year or so clear as a bell here in Abilene. Last night, for the first time ever, I finally heard a callsign. They id'd as kxo795. I did a quick search of said callsign and found the only...