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    Susumu distributor_gnn components

    SUSUMU GNN COMPONENTS CO., LTD 1. Introduction : SUSUMU International U.S.A., Inc. is a sales and marketing arm of The SUSUMUCompany, the world’s leading specialist in thin film components for over 40 years. The SUSUMU line of products includes highly reliable thin film resistors with an...
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    Via distributor_gnn components

    VIA TECHNOLOGIES TAIWAN GNN COMPONENTS CO., LTD 1. Introduction : VIA was founded in 1987 in the heart of Silicon Valley, VIA achieved a leadership position in the PC core logic chipset market through its ability to consistently deliver leading-edge technology at reasonable prices to top tier PE...
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    Sanyo semicoductor distributor_gnn components

    SANYO SEMICODUCTOR GNN COMPONENTS CO., LTD 1. Introduction : Sanyo semicoductor have developed original analog technology, including analog IP, power-saving technology and other circuit technologies, and have made key contributions to numerous successful systems. Sanyo semicoductor draw on these...
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    Micrel distributor_gnn components

    MICREL GNN COMPONENTS CO., LTD 1. Introduction: Micrel Inc., is a leading manufacturer of IC solutions for the worldwide analog, Ethernet and high bandwidth markets. The Company's products include high performance analog, power, advanced mixed-signal and radio frequency semiconductors; high...
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    Jonhanson distributor_gnn components

    JONHANSON TECHNOLOGY GNN COMPONENTS CO., LTD 1. Introduction: Johanson Technology Incorporated is located in Camarillo, California, and has over fifteen years experience specializing in the design and manufacture of high quality RF & Microwave ceramic chip capacitors. 2. Product Lines: •...
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    Fci distributor_gnn components

    FCI GNN COMPONENTS CO., LTD 1. Introduction: FCI is a leading connector manufacturer in the world. They are a leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of innovative and high-quality electrical and electronic interconnect systems for a wide range of consumer and industrial applications. FCI´s...