1. baptist

    ACARS Decoding

    Need some help decoding these ACARS transmissions on 131.550 MHz. They are interspersed with other ACARS traffic. I am located in Bryan (Brazos County), Texas. Thank you! [11:50:30] 2 ! SQ 02XACLLKCLL13035N09621WV136975/ARINC [11:48:44] 2 ! SQ 02XACLLKCLL13035N09621WV136975/ARINC [11:46:55] 2...
  2. M

    ACARS aggregation server using ACARS and VDL2 traffic data -

    ACARS aggregation server using ACARS and VDL2 traffic data. Live Flights Map Feeder Stations
  3. T

    ADSB. ACARS. VDL2. Data Decoding website for Southern California

    Greetings. Sheepishly I have only just found out about this forum, but am excited to find you all. I would like to share a little website I have been working on for the past few years. It is a mix of URL's due to the decoding that we are doing. ADSB and VRS. Virtual Radar Server. We have around...
  4. A

    SDR# and ACARSD

    Hi Guys Sorry if this has been asked before, I tried a search but didn't find what I was looking for. Just got started with SDR's and have the RTL-SDR dongle loaded with SDR#, this works fine and I ca hear transmissions fine. I then tried decoding ACARS with the Acarsd program and I can't see...
  5. screenersam

    pc ACARS--hope u got puter skillz

    saw another poster mention he had a pc program for acars but couldn't get it to work. I figured I'd try it out. Got the ACARSD program loaded. unzip/opened, it gave me the black box (dos prompt?). I typed in \C:ACARSD\ and it loaded correctly but I was never able to get it to work. I got...
  6. Joe91

    Best SDR# settings for ACARS? Bandwidth?

    I've had very poor results trying PDW (despite success with POCSAG paging) so I'll give ACARSD a try after reading a helpful thread here. But I'm puzzled what exactly should be the settings for SDR# (RTL dongle). Looking at the waterfall zoomed in, it seems to use a fair old chunk of a 25kHz...
  7. beischel

    Delta Flights on ACARS and HFDL

    Hey folks, Been monitoring ACARS and HFDL for years, and for some reason I can never find any Delta flights (other than those that still have a Northwest designation) on ACARS and HFDL. I've tried every ACARS and the New York HFDL frequencies that I can find and still nothing...
  8. btlacer

    ACARSD Map?

    Hi everyone, I was just now able to get ACARSD to work on my computer but now I want to be able to plot the planes on a map as they transmit. I have no idea how to do this can someone help? I have no idea how to make a map. I would like the map to be 400 miles in all directions. My cord. is...
  9. gonzalu

    BCD996XT ACARS and Discriminator Output

    Hello all, I can't recall if I already posted a question on this or not but I can't find it in "My Threads" so here it goes (possibly again) I want to use the BCD996XT to decode ACARS. While I know the baud rate is usually slow enough for straight sound card via audio out. But I am used to...
  10. F

    Help finding an Acar server - Please ?

    Hi there, you can't Imagine how delighted I am to have found this Forum This is my case: I am looking for the server that uploaded the information found on Acar's search of "collected feelists" I have the planes registration number it's a private plane - general aviation flight I have a...
  11. R

    Pro - 26 & ACARS

    Help me please, i have a Pro - 26 and i can hear the ACARS but the inteference is immense and my ACARS decoder will on pick up squiggles and tilde sign,s. How can i cut down on the inteference, i put my aeriel outside and it is far enough away from the PC. HELP PLEASE !!!