1. C

    ACARS Frequencies

    I did some exploring with ACARS previous, in the days of ACARSD. I am starting to get back into it and was curious what most folks are finding are the common ACARS frequencies in the US these days. I've tried searching around and know what the primary, second and tertiary ones are but are people...
  2. baptist

    ACARS Decoding

    Need some help decoding these ACARS transmissions on 131.550 MHz. They are interspersed with other ACARS traffic. I am located in Bryan (Brazos County), Texas. Thank you! [11:50:30] 2 ! SQ 02XACLLKCLL13035N09621WV136975/ARINC [11:48:44] 2 ! SQ 02XACLLKCLL13035N09621WV136975/ARINC [11:46:55] 2...
  3. M

    ACARS aggregation server using ACARS and VDL2 traffic data -

    ACARS aggregation server using ACARS and VDL2 traffic data. Live Flights Map Feeder Stations
  4. thebaldgeek

    ADSB. ACARS. VDL2. Data Decoding website for Southern California

    Greetings. Sheepishly I have only just found out about this forum, but am excited to find you all. I would like to share a little website I have been working on for the past few years. It is a mix of URL's due to the decoding that we are doing. ADSB and VRS. Virtual Radar Server. We have around...
  5. A

    SDR# and ACARSD

    Hi Guys Sorry if this has been asked before, I tried a search but didn't find what I was looking for. Just got started with SDR's and have the RTL-SDR dongle loaded with SDR#, this works fine and I ca hear transmissions fine. I then tried decoding ACARS with the Acarsd program and I can't see...
  6. screenersam

    pc ACARS--hope u got puter skillz

    saw another poster mention he had a pc program for acars but couldn't get it to work. I figured I'd try it out. Got the ACARSD program loaded. unzip/opened, it gave me the black box (dos prompt?). I typed in \C:ACARSD\ and it loaded correctly but I was never able to get it to work. I got...
  7. Joe91

    Best SDR# settings for ACARS? Bandwidth?

    I've had very poor results trying PDW (despite success with POCSAG paging) so I'll give ACARSD a try after reading a helpful thread here. But I'm puzzled what exactly should be the settings for SDR# (RTL dongle). Looking at the waterfall zoomed in, it seems to use a fair old chunk of a 25kHz...
  8. beischel

    Delta Flights on ACARS and HFDL

    Hey folks, Been monitoring ACARS and HFDL for years, and for some reason I can never find any Delta flights (other than those that still have a Northwest designation) on ACARS and HFDL. I've tried every ACARS and the New York HFDL frequencies that I can find and still nothing...
  9. btlacer

    ACARSD Map?

    Hi everyone, I was just now able to get ACARSD to work on my computer but now I want to be able to plot the planes on a map as they transmit. I have no idea how to do this can someone help? I have no idea how to make a map. I would like the map to be 400 miles in all directions. My cord. is...
  10. gonzalu

    BCD996XT ACARS and Discriminator Output

    Hello all, I can't recall if I already posted a question on this or not but I can't find it in "My Threads" so here it goes (possibly again) I want to use the BCD996XT to decode ACARS. While I know the baud rate is usually slow enough for straight sound card via audio out. But I am used to...
  11. F

    Help finding an Acar server - Please ?

    Hi there, you can't Imagine how delighted I am to have found this Forum This is my case: I am looking for the server that uploaded the information found on Acar's search of "collected feelists" I have the planes registration number it's a private plane - general aviation flight I have a...
  12. R

    Pro - 26 & ACARS

    Help me please, i have a Pro - 26 and i can hear the ACARS but the inteference is immense and my ACARS decoder will on pick up squiggles and tilde sign,s. How can i cut down on the inteference, i put my aeriel outside and it is far enough away from the PC. HELP PLEASE !!!