1. severance17

    Airspy R2 MCX port Useage

    I am a long time member of radio reference and a long time scanner user who has recently begun a dive into software defined radios (6 months or so). And I have recently purchased a number a of SDRs (RTL-SDR, AIRSPY HF+ Discovery, and AIRSPY R2 w/ Spyverter). And during this dive with the...
  2. qc

    Help Picking New ADS-B receiver & Antenna

    Hi, I'm looking at ordering new ADS-B receiver system and wanted to get advice on what would be the best for my home looking at AirSpy R2 and The Radarcape the cable run is about 60 to 65 Feet long I was looking at AirSpy R2 Airspy R2 | it has 4.5v switched Bias-Tee was...
  3. H

    RTL2832U Aircraft Track-Map Software??

    I'm new to the sdr world and need some advise. I recently purchased the RTL2832U R820T DVB-T setup with antenna and remote with a disc. abt $11.00 I downloaded the SDRSHARP and have been playing around with the system, pretty neat but now I would like to do more, learn more. I tried to open...