1. A

    Can Baofeng UV-5R scan digital systems?

    Lately a lot of agencies are switching to digital systems does anyone know if the Baofeng UV-5R model can scan digital radio systems and how? If not which affordable scanner can? Thanks
  2. H

    CB Radio Antenna?

    Hello, guys, I'm looking for a CB radio base antenna to set up on my roof or chimney. I would like it to be in $100-$200 price range if possible. I want one that is 18-26 feet tall and that can get the best range possible. I'm looking into beam antennas, so I need a good rotational system for it...
  3. H

    Antenna for CB Radio?

    I'm looking for a beam antenna that will connect to a cobra CB radio. I am looking for an antenna in the $100-200 dollar range, and it is fine if it is a little bit over. I'd like an antenna that is in the 16-24ft range, one that will get me a good amount of broadcasting range. I'd also like it...
  4. nate1992

    Resource for Warning Lights

    Hey guys take a look at this Resource for Warning lights on vehicles ( Volunteer Fire Firefighters!! ) there affordable and will work with you to get the lights you want the way you want! There based out of Western North Carolina, and if local will help install your new lights! Its a great...