aircraft monitoring

  1. J

    Improved ADS-B for SDRplay and Raspberry Pi

    We now have an updated beta version of ADS-B for both the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3. This is based upon the 16bit Mutability version of dump1090 developed by Oliver Jowett and unlocks the full 12 bit performance of the RSP1. People should see a significant performance improvement over the...
  2. ke6gcv

    Goodyear Blimp in Sacramento - Air Enthusiasts

    Saw it floating around Elk Grove this afternoon at around 1615hrs (4:15om) PST. It was in the Folsom area at about 1820hrs (6:20pm) PST. It's here for the golf tournament this weekend. US Seniors Open, I believe.
  3. S

    Can FM receiver hear AM signals

    I heard at one point that an FM reciever will be able to pick up AM radio signals. •Can I pick up audible airplane signals from my 2 meter ham radio, which receives down to 118 megahertz? •What frequency should I start with if I am in the Denver CO?
  4. Mojaveflyer

    PSR-310 For Monitoring Aircraft

    I was out shooting photos of aircraft yesterday and met a guy who is looking for a scanner capable of monitoring both VHF & UHF aircraft bands. I thought of the PSR-310 but wondered if anyone here has had experience with this radio for the aircraft bands... Any thoughts from the "panel of...