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    NorthFlight EMS helicopter

    Has anyone discovered frequency information for NorthFlight - NorthStar EMS's new helicopter that is now in service and serving the Tuscaloosa/West Alabama area. I have heard them inbound and departing Birmingham talking to ATCC and UAB on the HEAR frequency (155.3400). Air Methods is...
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    Air Evac - PHI, Inc. AZ. New Repeaters, Frequencies and Digital Squelch tone

    On 155.325Mhz I've noticed that Air Evac in the Valley is now using a Digital Coded Squelch tone of DCS 156. (Not the PL tone used before. If you still have the old CTCSS tone programmed you're not hearing them.) It's also a Repeater now and I believe it's referred to as White Tanks. I've...