1. andy51edge

    Guardians of Freedom Air Show at Sheppard AFB Log

    The airshow at Sheppard AFB was fantastic this year. I was able to attend on Sunday 28 April 2024 Frequency Use Comment 124.025 Airboss Poster on side of trailer said "Continental Air Show Productions" Not a known ATC freq for Sheppard AFB. 123.15 Golden Knight Ground I had some kind...
  2. F

    2023 Atlantic City Airshow Frequencies?

    Does anyone know the Airshow frequencies for tomorrow? Saw a post regarding 2022 but unsure if anything has changed
  3. gachamp2

    Wings Over Dallas ATC Audio

    Did anyone capture the ATC audio around the mid-air collision over the weekend in Dallas at the airshow?
  4. R

    OR International Airshow 2022

    132.8000AM Air Boss - Military jets are also using this for coms 228.8000AM F35 & F16 Demo - Air-Air Lightening & Rebel, also some Rhino chatter Standard Freqs all AM 119.3000, 121.7000, 239.3000, ATIS 127.6500, PDX & PANG UHF Air Portland P25 TRS PoP General Aviation 1423 / 58F No known PA...
  5. wbloss

    USAF Thunderbirds - St. Joe on May 1 & 2

    Worth programming their freqs this weekend in NW Mo!
  6. MagicMan08

    Issues monitoring T-birds ground freq 413.1000, will open squelch, nothing rc'd. Ideas?

    Hi Folks, I've recently ran into problems with monitoring arguably any ground freq from the t-birds and this previous weekend they used 413.1000 exclusively. It would open the squelch on my pro-651 but nothing would come through. 436 wouldn't trip at all!? Anyone monitored the 413.1000...
  7. 2

    Air Show at Travis Air Force Base

    Anyone have any frequencies for the "Thunder Over the Bay" Airshow this weekend at Travis Air Force Base? Show boss, ect? 2019 Air Show 'Thunder Over the Bay' March 30 & 31 > Travis Air Force Base > News
  8. MagicMan08

    Fargo Airsho 2018 - Frequencies?

    Anyone able to catch any unique frequencies from the practices? Blues? Other Performers? Air Boss Freq and Discreet Comms? I have several but I'm seeing if anyone else out there has something as I was not able to get. I've been doing a lot of digging as well on the other sub forums and what...
  9. T

    Oregon International Air Show 2017 at the Hillsboro Airport

    (*edited): I plan to update this post as I figure out what's used. Today, Friday, airboss was on 132.8. Airboss: 132.8
  10. R

    Wilkes-Barre Scranton Airpoirt (KAVP) Airshow 2017 Frequencies

    For anyone interested the F22 Raptor is inbound now to KAVP @ 932AM Here is what I've heard so far as far as frequencies 132.95 Airshow Ground Frequency 118.7 Airshow T/A - This is static aircraft parking
  11. J

    2017 Thunderbird Freq

    Got to listen to the Thunderbirds in Spokane WA last weekend. Only using two frequencies which is great. Start up + Taxi (All Jets) and Solos freq: 235.25 Diamond: 141.185 Hope you all have a great end of the summer! Jay
  12. rfsparkz

    CFB Borden Air Show June 11-12 2016

    Canadian Armed Forces Day celebration will be held June 11-12 2016 at CFB Borden located just 20 minutes west of Barrie Ontario. More info can be found at Base Borden Canadian Armed Forces Day and Air Show There is a free shuttle from the bus terminal in Barrie directly to the airshow in Angus/...
  13. w2xq

    JBMDL "Power in the Pines" Airshow Frequencies

    About 6 miles from KWRI in Burlington County, after an hour of when the air activities -- Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst - Open House and Air Show -- were scheduled to begin, I am only hearing Airboss on 118.650 and KWRI App/Dep on 124.150. I'm updating the webpage at JBMDL Airshow as I hear...
  14. W

    Pro-97 Antenna for Airshows/Military

    Hey everyone, forum lurker on here. Wanted to chime in and ask for some suggestions as I'm a bit overwhelmed by the amount of antennas that are out there and frankly, I'm not all that knowledgeable when it comes to what's good or bad in the least. I have two Radio Shack Pro 97s that I use at...
  15. T

    Oregon Air Show 2015

    Anyone know the frequencies for the Oregon Airshow in Hillsboro for 2015?
  16. A

    2014 Chino, CA. air show

    132.55 'nuf said
  17. gonzalu

    JSOH Airshow

    Hello everyone, I am looking for help with my Airshow setup for JSOH Airshow next year and in general. I have a file I created but I am not sure if it is good enough ... could someone look at it for me and make suggestions? If anyone is willing to share their FreeSCAN, ARC or UASD files for the...
  18. amusement

    2012 Oregon International Air Show Frequencies

    That time of year again... From the pages of ..AUGUST 3: Gates open at 6:00pm, show starts at 6:45pm ..SATURDAY, AUGUST 4: Gates open at 9:00am, show starts at 10:45am ..Sunday, AUGUST 5: Gates open at 9:00am, show starts at 10:45am Peformances vary each day of the airshow...
  19. R

    Ocean City Airshow

    We've just made arrangements to visit Ocean City to see the airshow. We will be staying at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware and heading out from there. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to go to have a reasonable view of the airshow without the chaos of being physically Oceanside in Ocean...
  20. W

    Oregon Airshow 2011 Radio Frequencies?

    Does anyone know what radio frequencies are going to be used at the Oregon Airshow tomorrow (through sunday)?