1. RedArrows

    Chicago Air and Water Show 2022

    Since the Chicago air and water show is coming up I'm putting up this forum for any airshow radio frequencies if any pop up
  2. 2

    Air Show at Travis Air Force Base

    Anyone have any frequencies for the "Thunder Over the Bay" Airshow this weekend at Travis Air Force Base? Show boss, ect? 2019 Air Show 'Thunder Over the Bay' March 30 & 31 > Travis Air Force Base > News
  3. drdispatch

    Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show

    Two more days of airshow to go! If anyone is coming to BTL on the 3rd or 4th, here are some confirmed frequencies from yesterday & today's flying activities: Air Boss: 123.5500 Redline Airshows (Vans RV-8's) Discreet: 122.9250 Canadian Harvard Aerobatic Team (T-6 Texan 4-ship) Discreet...
  4. J

    2017 Thunderbird Freq

    Got to listen to the Thunderbirds in Spokane WA last weekend. Only using two frequencies which is great. Start up + Taxi (All Jets) and Solos freq: 235.25 Diamond: 141.185 Hope you all have a great end of the summer! Jay
  5. L

    Winston Salem Airshow

    Frequencies heard today at the airshow: WS Tower / Air Boss 123.750 Airshow discrete 123.150 Lima Lima Flight Team 123.575 Civil Air Patrol 139.875 Civil Air Patrol 141.575
  6. M

    2013 Thunderbirds Show Season Schedule

    Thunderbirds 2013 Show Season Schedule The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds announced their 2013 show schedule. In its 60th season, the team is slated to perform more than 60 demonstrations in 38 locations, including a six-week tour through the Pacific...