ais receiver

  1. K5MOB

    Antenna for 162Mhz RX only

    I am looking take a 102" whip and cut it down to 72.9" for use as a full wave receive only antenna at 162Mhz. The antenna will be placed on a tower at 320' AGL. If the antenna is RX only does it require a ground plane? I know the antenna will no longer be 50ohms will impedance miss match...
  2. M

    DigitalYacht - AISnet base station AIS receiver

    Just notice this new AIS receiver on the market. About the same as the Comar SLR200N network receiver. About the only main different is the USB port on it! Little cheaper too!!! :D Digital Yacht - AISnet base station AIS receiver AISnet is a new AIS receiver for use as an AIS base station at...