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    alabaster/pelham shelby county police codes

    Through a connection I now have the pelham al police codes and apparently alabaster mainly uses plain language, I tried to attach the photos but it says it is too large so reply or message me and I can email or text them
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    Looking for Alabaster LTR info

    Has anyone been able to identify the LCNs for the LTR channels used by Alabaster on the ALLCOMM network. I have tried monitoring individual channels but am not having any luck getting the correct LCNs for each of the frequencies. Thanks
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    Newbie to trunking, HellPP!

    I just bought a pro-164 from Radio Shack and can get the regular channels OK. I have been trying for 3 days to get the ltr trunking to load properly for Alabaster, Alabama but something is missing. I have tried loading both manually ans using ARC300. When I monitor the channels I never get a...