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    Alameda County/City of Alameda frequencies.

    My scanner has gone quiet... but I've changed nothing... I know Alameda County was moving towards implementing a new system... has this been done? Or frequencies changed? Something's changed underneath me...
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    City of Alameda police tracking suspects

    City of Alameda police tracking 4-5 teenage apparent gangbangers in the vicinity of a long-trouble apartment complex in the west end of Alameda.
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    City of Alameda PD

    'bought a Uniden BCT15 - want to listen to City of Alameda PD communications. (Note - city of Alameda, KMA217, not COUNTY of Alameda.) Need a bit of help in the correct settings for my scanner - I have the frequencies, and it looks like Alameda PD uses a trunked system, and I have a TGID. What...