alert sounds

  1. E

    CHP CAD Sounds

    So I know that the CHP has CAD easter eggs like the Mario coin sound, but I've been trying to find an audio sample of the CAD call sound. It's the tone that I think has four notes and plays when a new call comes up. Does anyone know what the sound is called or where I can find a good audio file...
  2. gibson135

    Sentinel Settings

    I'm sure this is a dumb question. It will be enough dumber if there isn't a way to do this: When making changes to the preferences of channels on your favorites list (i.e. color and alert sound) how do you change multiple or all of the channels instead of doing each one individually with the...
  3. W

    HP2 Alert tones

    Is there any way to "preview" the alert tones available on the HP2. I'd like to hear what my options are.
  4. M

    San Antonio Fire Department alert tone

    SAFD uses this alert tone that is attatched in a zip folder for structure fires and major incidents before the dispatch goes out on their radios. SAFD uses Macom p7100 edacs radios for their communication. I was wondering if someone has a WAV or knows where to get one of this tone. I recorded...
  5. L

    Pro 197 and PSR 600 Alert Settings

    Quick video showing the alert light and alert sound settings for the Pro 197 and PSR 600. Rather than create each one by trail and error, created a video to share. This should save many from the same dilemma of figuring out which alert sounds are best for the type of activity you are trying to...