1. B

    Pager relay

    Hi all, I am trying to find a system that I can set up with a pager to send notifications to my cell phone in audio format. I know there are big company’s like iamresponding, Edispatch and so forth. But I’m looking to add to my hobby and try to put together a notification system from a pager...
  2. F

    Rack Mounted Substitute for Federal Signal Informer

    Looking for something rack-mountable to replace a Federal Signal Informer. For anyone not familiar with an Informer, it detects over-the-air paging tones and can play an audible alert or activate relays based on the tones. In our case, we want something for station alerting (via the intercom)...
  3. S

    G5 Analog Two Tone reset timer?

    Hello everyone, I have been tasked with programming our new G5 pagers. On our old Motorola Minitors, when tones were received the pager would alert, record 30 seconds, then keep itself on open mic until the squelch button was clicked and it would return back to a selective scan. On the G5s, I...
  4. XLC_Comm442

    WestNet Voice Files

    Does anybody happen to have the voice files for a WestNet station alerting system? Looking for the auto Dispatch recording that play when receiving a call. Thanks in advance.
  5. F

    Two Tone Detect like functionality?

    Greetings, I'm not sure if it would have been best to post this question here, or in the Kenwood forum, but I figured I would start here. Recently, agencies in my area have switched from conventional systems to Kenwood NXDN. I've been listening to the NXDN traffic with fairly good results...
  6. 902

    BCD436HP: Two-tone decode on an EDACS analog talkgroup

    Hi everybody, I currently live in an area that's covered by an analog and Provoice hybrid EDACS system. They have two analog dispatch talkgroups for sections of the county, and there's a two-tone decoder wired to a control station at every firehouse. It works pretty nicely for them. So, I...
  7. R

    TK7360 extended function

    Now for my second post... This is kind of a shot in the dark, but I figure this is the best place for it right? I have a 7360 set up as a 2 tone decoder. It is muted until it decodes and programmed to automatically reset. this is where it gets weird... Does anyone Know how/ if I can get a pin...
  8. D

    XTS 2500 group Paging

    Hello, We currently use A25 UHF in WV. My agency is wanting to alert groups of mobiles and portables over our trunking system. I am currently able to page individual radios using astro25 from an XTS2500 Model III using the keypad to enter the target radio's "Call List ID" number. This works...
  9. D

    Call Alert Signaling on P-25

    I am currently programming our 2500 portable with full keypad to alert other radios via a trunked channel. I am able to accomplish this via the "page" feature, however, I am only able to page one radio at a time. I am wanting to be able to page a group of radios at once. for example: page an...
  10. F

    TK880 for Station Alerting

    I have a TK880 that I am going to use for alerting via QCII at my station. The main reason behind it is I am tired of the Minitor and PR400 we have going from silent to rapid loud beeps and me wetting myself every time. Joking of course, however those of us at the station would rather enjoy an...
  11. O

    Fire Station Audio System

    Ok, so I trying to design a cost-effective solution to have a speaker system through-out our firehouse. The speaker system will have 2 sets of speakers, 6 Alerting Speakers, and 6 Speakers for the Scanner. The 6 Alerting Speakers will Have 1 Volume control in-wall knob. While, the 6 scanner...